Reiki can do miracles - especially for people with chronic back pain. Back pain is a widespread disease, and in many cases people have been suffering for a long time.

The number of people with back-related issues has been increasing year after year. In modern times more and more people work sitting still, in front of screens, driving home and continue sitting still on their couch, watching telly - again, only with little moving. Thus, the supporting musculature of the back is not trained enough, any more. That leads to postural defects and to spine-related issues e.g. herniated disc and lumbago.

As - in our modern times- many people come to great age, age-related issues are on the rise. More and more elderly people are not able to live their lives without disabilities and pains, anymore.

A friend of mine had also been suffering from severe back pain, for a long time ...

One day, me and some of my friends had a nice evening, and we were discussing health issues, as we had done so often. One of the ladies told us of her experience with Reiki. A few weeks earlier I had been giving her Reiki. Enthusiastically she was telling us how quickly she had become better. Another lady in our party, who had been listening with great interest turned to me and expressed her disbelief about Reiki and about other so called complementary therapies.

Although she had been very sceptical she wanted to give it a go: For months she had been suffering from severe back pain. Her doctor had been treating symptoms with injections, which eased the pain for one or two days, only. She could neither bend over nor play on the floor with her little grandson. This was her most fervent wish.

When she came into my practice, she could only lie down on the therapy couch with pain and great effort. I started the treatment and after a few minutes I could see and feel her letting go and getting more and more relaxed.

When I carefully signalled to her that the treatment was over, she was pleasantly surprised about how quickly time had passed. Slowly she straightened up and with a smile on her face she told me how incredibly relaxed she felt. And her back pains had been reduced noticeably.

The next morning she called to tell me that she hadn't felt so good, for ages. Her pains had vanished. So much had changed, even her beliefs. And now she was looking forward to playing with her little grandson, again.

Reiki can support therapies holistically, especially for chronic diseases, which have often not only physical, but also mental and spiritual causes. Because Reiki touches all aspects of our being.

A physician treats the body, a psychiatrist the mind and a counsellor the soul.

But, a Reiki Master treats body, mind and soul, all three in one.