Reiki can do miracles - especially after surgery. Large operations often take place due to accidents or serious illnesses, such as cancer. A serious illness often has a psychological aspect.

Some theories claim that cancer develops under the experience of a loss. This loss may have happened years ago.

This had been the case with one of my clients, who had lost her long-term partner due to his death, about three years before her cancer diagnosis.

A lady in her mid-60s called me anxiously and unsettled. Her gynaecologist told her a few days ago that she had a malignant tumour in her right breast. It had to be removed as soon as possible.

She agreed to the surgery, but vehemently refused the usual chemotherapy after the operation. As she told me, she was very afraid of this kind of therapy: she did not want to endure the effects like hair loss.

We met in my practice and discussed how I could help. We agreed on a Reiki treatment after the surgery. The planned operation took place a few days after our appointment. Since the tumour of this type of cancer spreads through the lymphatic system, some lymph nodes of the right armpit were removed in addition to the tumour in her breast.

The operation had been without complication. After a few days in the hospital she asked me to be present at the last consultation with the attending physician. This doctor sat in front of us in an impersonal and seemingly unpleasant way and recommended the obligatory chemotherapy to my client.

After explaining her reasons for the refusal, she agreed with him on a recommended radiation therapy for post-operative treatment.

We started with Reiki treatments before radiotherapy. In the first week I gave her Reiki every second day and from the second week she received one treatment per week.

After only a few Reiki sessions, my client noticed that she had become calmer and more confident. Her decision to support radiotherapy with Reiki treatments proved to be absolutely right. The complementary treatment supported the healing process. The surgical scar healed very well and the initial pain in the arm and on the scar soon disappeared.

I accompanied my client through the weeks of radiation therapy with Reiki treatments. So she could recover well from the physical and mental injuries.

Reiki can support therapies holistically, especially for serious illnesses, which have not only physical, but also mental and spiritual causes. Because Reiki touches all aspects of our being.

A surgeon treats the body, a psychiatrist the mind and a counsellor the soul.

But, a Reiki Master treats body, mind and soul, all three in one.

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