Suraya Ulrike Bojahr

Reiki Master (Level 3) in the lineage of Mikao Usui
Member of The Reiki Association (TRA), UK

For over 5 years of my Reiki and Coaching career I have been working especially for and with women.

I have gained a wealth of experience in supporting cancer therapy and post-operative situations. My expertise ranges from Reiki treatments during pregnancy, birth preparation, supporting and initiating the healing of back pain, colds, migraines, menopausal symptoms and depression.

Besides,  I have a background in coaching women who want to re-orientate themselves professionally and women who feel superfluous after their children have left home.

For the last few years prior to my relocation to Ely,  in July 2018,  I also worked as a trainer for pharmacy teams in Germany, especially for herbal medicine products.

I am a pharmacy technician (SVQ/NVQ level 3) with over 20 years' experience in different pharmacies. I also studied biology for 2 years at the University of Bonn, Germany.

Most of my clients are people with health issues but there are also people who take care about their well-being and want to relax.

Reiki is one of the best ways to bring body, mind and soul into harmony.


In addition, I integrate chakra cleansing and the use of healing stones into my treatments to enhance  the effect of relaxation and to support the healing process.

I enjoy working with and for people and I am very grateful that I can support my clients feeling well, healthy and relaxed.

I've completed several courses in alternative and naturopathic medicine. I took post-graduate courses in

  • Phytotherapy
  • Homeopathy    
  • Bach Flower Therapy
  • Ear candles 
  • NLP Coach, Trainer (Society of NLP)
  • Hypnosis Course with Dr. Richard Bandler (Co-Founder of NLP)
  • Kuby-method and Mental Healing with Clemens Kuby

My Reiki Lineage

  • Mikao Usui
  • Hayashi
  • Hawayo Takata
  • Furomoto
  • Helbling
  • Miranda Gilgen​
  • Ageh Popat
  • Arjava Frank Petter
  • Christian Korn
  • Taruna N. Reupsch
  • Suraya Ulrike Bojahr