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About Laying Hands on 

The best remedy is ... our hand.

Hands are mediators between body, mind and soul.

With them we can caress our injured soul when we feel sick, lonely or sad.

A Reiki treatment by gently laying on hands is a natural and relaxing way to restore balance and harmony within ourselves.

It also has a strengthening effect on our immune system.

Reiki is spiritual energy.

When, through an initiated practitioners hands, Reiki flows into you, this energy heals and harmonises every part of your being:
body, mind and soul. Thus,
Reiki is a holistic system.

 There are no known side effects or contraindications for a Reiki treatment.

You can combine this way of activating and supporting  your healing process with all other therapies and medications.

The potential for using  Reiki is unlimited.

Any kind of problem can be treated. But please do not expect any specific or predictable effects: They may be intense or gentle, rapid or slow.

Reiki works differently  for each person.

About my services

It depends on your needs and symptoms which treatment would be best for you.  For the first time I usually recommend the full body treatment, because that's the best way for you to find out how you feel during the session and how it works for you.

 One hour is a  good period of time to enter a state of deep relaxation and to support your own healing process.

The more relaxed the better the benefit.

For further treatments you can alternatively choose the part Reiki treatment. Often this can be better integrated into everyday life. It might be more suitable for a regular treatment: it needs less time and still works.

When I give you a part Reiki treatment I lay my hands on specific parts of your body to suit your needs.

Please also note my Get To Know Offer!

For further and more detailed information, please have a look at my service page.

What my clients say

"I would recommend Suraya's Crystal reiki Treatments to anyone who wants to balance their chakras and improve their well being. Her treatments are non invasive and extremely calming. She helped me calm symptoms of imbalances in my heart and throat chakras and gave great advice and recommendations for further study outside of her practice." Sarah

I had a very relaxing reiki treatment with Ulrike, very comfortable surroundings, peaceful and calm. I found that the treatment relieved some pain I had in my knee. I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone for relief from aches, pains or indeed relaxation. Helen

I felt very well after the Reiki Treatment. Before receiving Reiki I had been suffering from backache for a long time and I wasn't able to bend over or play on the floor with my little grand-son. Even after the first session I felt a great relief, thank you so much . Almuth

During the last weeks of my pregnancy I have received several treatments and  it has always been soothing and relaxing. The birth of my daughter was very pleasant and uncomplicated, everything was fine.  Thank you very much, Melanie 

I had my first Reiki session today with Suraya Ulrike at the Ely Complementary Health Center. I was able to feel totally relaxed in a quiet , candle-lit room. Suraya's hands moved over my head and body and I felt different areas glowing and energized. My arthritic knee had a surge of intense pain and now for the rest of the day I have been pain- free. I don't understand how this treatment works but it gives the client a wonderful feeling and well-being. Wendy

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